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Become an affiliate for Kyo Digital Studio

Dear future affiliate of kYo Digital Studio!

You have amazing opportunity to get paid for sharing our products to your Blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, Youtube or any other audience. Our affiliate program is free to join, and gives you simple tools to earn commissions from each sale made by your referral in website.

Who can apply for affiliate program?

Everyone - entrepreneurs, how-to-tutors, influencers, content creators, mom's, dad's, grandma or grandpa who love to create and craft or teach others how to do it or anyone who wants to earn extra money. Our affiliate program is free to join, and allows you to earn commissions from each sale made by your referral. You will also need a PayPal account to receive your commissions. If you don't have one, you can open PayPal account here for free. 

How does affiliate program works?

When you finish to register affiliate account, you will have unique "link appendix" created which starts with "?ref=" and follows by Name of your account. You will need to append this whole "link appendix" to any of product links you wish to promote and get paid a commission. You can do it manually or use tool at you affiliate account Dashboard. There is a sample. 

Normal website link looks like this:

To make this link to bring you $$$, it must look like this.

And know, when your referral clinks on your link and then after makes a purchase on our website, you will receive percentage from price they paid.  

How long my affiliate link is active (cookie duration)?

We made it very attractive and we believe fair enough to support your input to market and advertise our website. There it is - our affiliate link cookie duration time is awesome 270 days!!! Isn't that cool!? As comparison, Amazon gives you only 24 hours cookie duration and in most cases you will do favour to Amazon for free.

Why it matters? Not all of the customers makes purchase at first visit to website and it may come back after day, week or month to make a purchase. knowing this, we give you excellent opportunity to receive commissions for all purchases made by your referral during 270 days or 9 month. That means, if you promoted and earned on 4th of July design, then if same customer return to our store for Christmas design, you will be paid as well.

Your commission.

You will be paid 15% for each sale made by your referrals during 270 days period since they first clicked on the link appended with your affiliate reference. 


Currently you can request payout when you have reached 20 USD in your commissions in total. 

If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with us using Contact form or Chat (right bottom corner).

If you are happy with all the info above then click on button below and let's go!